CLASS Phoenix

Terry Combs’ Complete Screen Printing Business Course
Workhorse Facility in Phoenix, Arizona
June 3-4


Terry Combs offers the ultimate screen printing business course. With 40+ years experience in the screen printing trenches, printing hundreds of thousands of shirts, training thousands of students, this is the one and only class to offer you the definitive “start a screen printing business” package. Presented in a variety of locations across the U.S., this is absolutely the premiere training event anywhere in the world!!!

“Want to start a T-Shirt business? This is absolutely the course for you.”

This two day hands on screen printing class will start from the very beginning “what is a screen” and end with you pulling the squeegee and printing a full color simulated process image on a black T-shirt. You will degrease and coat a screen, participate in setting up a multi-color job, learn about transfers, learn about specialty inks, art preparation and much, much more. To round out your educational experience, we’ll cover subjects including: starting a business, promoting your venture, finding customers, and day-to-day business operations. Lots of information, but presented in a fun, conversational, interactive learning environment.

“When you leave this class, you’ll be ready to start your business!”

Watch Class Video Here

The Complete Screen Printing Business Course is for anyone who imagines becoming a professional and profitable garment screen printer. Whether working from your two-car garage or from your brand new storefront on Main Street, this class is your complete business startup course.

When you leave this class, you will have the skills and information you need to go home and actually open the doors of your own printed apparel business. And you’ll be armed with all those tips, tricks and hard earned secrets that come from our years of screen printing experience.

“Already in the business but ‘Am I doing this right??’ This is your class.”

Workhorse Products ( is the manufacturer of superior screen printing equipment. The facility is located at 3730 E. Southern Ave.,
Phoenix, AZ 85040. (The building says Bergmann Group on the front.)

Class fee – $450.00 for the first student. Additional students from your company – $225.00 each.

Click here to sign up 1 student $450.00

Click here to sign up 2 students $675.00

Click here to sign up 3 students $900.00

Click here to sign up 4 students $1,125.00

Upcoming 2023 class dates: September 23-24, December 9-10

The Complete Screen Printing Business Course is presented by Terry Combs (, and a variety of sponsors at our class locations across the U.S

39 Responses to CLASS Phoenix

  1. Javis Redhouse says:

    Will there be any classes in february or march. In the phoenix area?

  2. Sonny Duran says:

    I was wondering will there be a class scheduled for May 17-18 2014?

  3. Leslie Settles says:

    Will you be at any of the industry shows this year? Do you have a schedule?

  4. Juan Gonzalez says:

    Any plans to add a DTG course in the near future?

  5. Audrey says:

    Will you be having another class after Feb

  6. audrey says:

    What time are the classes in Phoenix for the classes ?

  7. Jessica Mesa says:

    Will there be more classes after April-May. I can’t re-arrange my schedule to get my husband there this next weekend?

  8. Nichole says:

    Hi what is the address location for Phoenix class is like to know what part of the valley

    • Terry Combs says:

      The Workhorse location is here:

      Workhorse Products ( is the manufacturer of precision screen printing equipment. The facility at 3730 East Southern Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85040, is minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport with hotels nearby.

  9. Will there be another Phoenix class soon? I missed the August class.

  10. Molly Boike says:

    Do you every have Classes in Minnesota?

  11. AMY HARRIS says:

    I would like to sign up for the next class – I think it is scheduled for January 27th and 28th 2018. Can you verify that these are the correct dates? Thank you.

  12. Carmen says:

    Will there be classes in the month of February? – We would like to sign up

  13. Jasmin says:

    What time is the class for booking my flight?

  14. Kevin Ayala says:

    Will there be any classes during July or August ?

  15. addictivenature2203 says:

    Hello, when is the next class after the dates in Oct? Thank you 🙂

  16. Miles says:

    Can you do a 1 on 1 class

  17. Joan Gray says:

    Do you have any upcoming classes in Phoenix?

  18. Danita Greene says:

    I’m actually wanting to make custom TRANSFERS to sell to those just wanting to press and go….I’m unsure is that’s different from screen print so would you please clarify if this is also something being taught? Thanks in advance for your reply

    • Terry Combs says:

      Hi Danita – There are a variety of ways to make transfers. One way is screen printing onto transfer paper. The process is very similar to printing directly onto shirts like we do in class. While we talk about creating custom transfers, we won’t actually print them in the class.

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