Quick Guides

Quick Guides are fast and to-the-point references with specific how-to information in all areas of garment decorating production and management. Based on 30+ years running production operations, both large and small, these guides are for industry professionals who want to maximize their production potential and to run their businesses more efficiently.

We will be adding new titles regularly, so check back often! Guides will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase.

This Quick Guide to Curing Tests for Your Dryer will help you to understand plastisol curing, the types of dryers available, and the tools you’ll need to test your dryer for proper and even curing temperature.

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This Quick Guide to Curing Tests for Your Garments will give you the tools and information you need to understand plastisol curing, the variables involved, and testing your printed garments for full cure. You can be confident your ink is completely cured before delivering the finished product to your customer.

Order $4.95

The Quick Guide to Screen Coating will cover the subject from degreasing your screen to the best and proper coating techniques.

Order $4.95

The Quick Guide to Prepping Screens for the Press will focus on taping, blocking out and the techniques to prepare your screen and to keep production moving once the screens are on the press.

Order $4.95

This Quick Guide to FAST Press Setup will explain to you in detail how to quickly setup any job, and start printing… FAST. You only make money when the presses are running. Use this Quick Guide to shred your current setup times!

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The Quick Guide Secrets of Printing on Dark Garments is for anyone who struggles with setup and production of dark shirts. We’ll cover how to achieve a smooth, thin lay down of ink, with special attention to proper underbase use and technique.

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The Quick Guide to Graphic Placement is your tool to know how to position your image on a shirt for the best visual result. We’ll discuss full front, full back, and left chest images on T-shirts, sweatshirts, polos and more. This is a quick guide for you and your staff to use for uniform placement of images on all your garments.

Order $4.95

The Quick Guide to Loading Shirts on the Press will show you how to load a shirt so that your images are straight and uniform each time you print. New printers struggle with this step in the process. We’ll show you how to do it quickly and efficiently, and without spoilage.

Order $4.95

The Quick Guide to Printing on Caps will discuss the options for cap printing. Many printers avoid cap decoration, making more opportunity for you to do it, and make money doing it!

Order $4.95

This Quick Guide to Pricing Your Product will give you the outline for determining your own prices, in your own specific and unique marketplace.

Order $4.95

This Quick Guide to Discharge Ink will be your how-to guide to work in this popular (but not so new) area of garment printing. We’ll discuss the ins and outs of this ink product for your own shop.

Order $4.95

The Quick Guide to Plastisol Ink will give you all the facts about this most popular of screen printing inks, and how to use them.

Order $4.95

The Quick Guide to Waterbase Ink will discuss how-it’s-made and how-it’s-done when it comes to waterbase. Included will be the tools and techniques necessary to be successful.

Order $4.95

The Quick Guide to Estimating Production Time will offer you average production times for manual and automatic presses, as well as setup and breakdown times. This will be your starting point. Then follow the step-by-step guide to finding your own production numbers, so you can confidently schedule your work weeks and give your customers realistic completion dates.

Order $9.95


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