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  1. shawn brown says:

    I may not be able to attend your October class when will your next class start by that time I should be further along in my recovery from hand surgery fill free to reply at

  2. Sandi says:

    Hello Terry,
    I live in Phoenix, AZ and I was wondering when is your next screen printing business classes?

  3. Michael Pennington says:

    Hello Terry,
    It’s Michael Pennington here. We met in Nashville at the ISS in May.
    If you have a chance, I need to know what flash cure unit you recommend for H2o and Plastisol.
    My problem is; I have a workhorse 8-8 press, with little space between platens for keeping the unit from burning anything, so a swing away model would be the best.
    As we discussed when you called me, I bought a complete shop used, but the flash cure I have is bulky, and mounted on a ridiculously heavy drill press stand with no wheels.
    Another used unit would be best as I’ve almost spent my entire wad already.
    I will be getting Scott’s T-Seps software soon to finish off my pre production dept.
    Thanks for being so helpful in my quest for knowledge.

    • Terry Combs says:

      Hi Michael – Most flash units today are fairly streamlined and come on wheels. I would talk to your closest screen print supplier and tell them about your requirements. I’m sure they’ll have a unit that will work for you. You could also reach out to directly. Hope this helps!

  4. Chrissy Skeltis says:

    Please do not publish my last comment with my phone #

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