Class Testimonials

Thank you, Terry, for the knowledge and experience you share. Without your class my wife and I would be opening a business relying on hit and miss information, hours of videos, and more or less reinventing the wheel as opposed to the hands on experience, and your continued support, which is nothing short of  priceless!

I have always learned more from a story than I would from a lecture, and the stories of your trials and successes during the classroom sessions made for my ability to understand and retain the information much easier. I would definitely recommend your class to anyone interested in a screen printing business and questions whether this business is for them. It eliminated my fears of our investment both financially and emotionally thus far. We are also less concerned about any market saturation. We are excited about opening our doors as soon as possible.

Michael and Tracy


Attending this class was far from a waste of time. Every minute and hour through both days was packed full of priceless information that, to my knowledge, can’t be found anywhere else. You could spend hours surfing the web and digging through forums, YouTube videos, blogs, etc. on screen-printing compared to what the class can teach you in 13 hours and then some. Hands on experience is good for learning anything, even if you’re not a hands on learner; with Terry and Tyler of Workhouse products, they made sure it was loud and clear to everyone attending the class that we are able to print as many shirts as we possibly wanted. From printing with different types of ink, mesh count, multi-color designs, the class was able to learn firsthand under Terry’s guidance and knowledge; with a resume to back it up that would make any well established screen-printer bust out their notepad to take notes. The level of customer service and how Terry and Tyler treated the class was 10/10, words don’t need to describe what a 10/10 is. Overall I would highly recommend this class to anyone seeking further information or tips and tricks that are only found from being in the industry as long as Terry has. Tyler

* * * * *

I highly recommend Terry’s Complete Screen Printing Business Course! As a high school teacher it’s very important for me to provide correct information to my students. The course Terry delivered helped to sort out fact from fiction and reality from myth! His extensive industry experience combined with his easy-going personality made the class informative and enjoyable! Terry’s partners at Atlas Screen Printing Supply were also great at what they do and I appreciate the professionalism their teamwork provided. I flew half-way across the country to attend this course on my own time and with my own dime and it was worth every penny!  Tom – Massachusetts.

* * * * *

I am so glad I came to this weekend seminar taught by Terry Combs.  I came to this class knowing very little and I left feeling very confident about what steps I need to take to get my business started.  His 35 plus years of experience in the industry offers valuable tips and tricks for success.   I enjoyed using all of the top of the line American made equipment at Workhorse in Arizona.  This is a class you’ll definitely want to take.  Becky Auburn, California

* * * * *

I recently attended Terry Combs Complete Screen Printing Business Course. I have to say it was fantastic. Terry knows the screen printing process and business from top to bottom. I would highly recommend Terry’s course to anyone interested in Screen Printing.  Grant

* * * * *

Terry’s screen printing course is a must for anyone interested in getting into screen printing or struggling with the process.  Patsy and I had never screen printed before and by the end of the two day course, Terry and his Atlas team taught us all we needed to know to pursue our screen printing dream.  From screen sizes to spreading emulsion, burning a screen to laying ink, one color prints, three color prints, and even a color simulation print, the all hands on experience was invaluable.  Not to mention Terry’s secret registration technique…worth the price of the class. If you want to learn how to screen print, take this course.  You will have no regrets.  Phil and Pasty – Lafayette, Indiana

* * * * *

After turning away several clients asking us for screen prints or stressing up when subcontracting for the work, we decided we needed to start doing our screen print work ourselves. The deal was that we wanted to do it very good, with high quality, so we separate from other screen printers in the area, whose only focus is on price competition. After looking on YouTube for screen print videos, we knew we needed to assist to a hands-on course as these YouTube videos got us to nowhere. Looking for hands-on courses we find out Terry’s course, which was very convenient for us as it was only two and a half hours from our city. Terry’s résumé was also a big driver for investing on the course. The course was super helpful, it covered the process from the very start to the last phase, with helpful tips for each of the steps. We now know not only the steps but the equipment, accessories and consumables necessary for being great at screen printing. We are ready to go now!!

Thanks Terry and guys at Workhorse Products. Ramon, Nogales, Mexico

* * * * *

My brother and I feel that the price of tuition was the best money we’ve spent since we bought our shop. Tons of information presented in a logical, clear, and entertaining fashion.  Terry certainly knows his stuff and teaches it in a hands-on fashion that ensures that you know it too by the end of the seminar.  Lots of good information about the industry and the business of screen printing. I can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone interested in making a career in this field. Randy, Kissimmee, FL

* * * * *

Terry, Alberta and I really enjoyed the 2 day class last weekend at Schiller Park, Ill. The class was very educational, and informative. We learned valuable information and knowledge, which we hope to utilize as we bring screen printing into our shop this year. Thank you. Randy, Des Moines, Iowa

* * * * *

Don’t know where to begin about class, it was awesome!  I learned what I was doing wrong, what to do, and things I never thought about doing. I would and have highly recommended your course.  I know I will feel much better about the product I give to my clients. Larry, Peoria, Illinois

* * * * *

Thanks Mr. Combs for a wonderful class and an even more wonderful learning experience. I feel super confident that what I’ve learned in your class will take me to the next level for financial independence. You class cleared up a lot of false information that I learned from the internet. Thanks for show us how to do it correctly the first time without relying on band aides to compensate for doing things wrong. Ramson

* * * * *

I would like to thank you for all the helpful hints given to Dan and I from your class this past weekend in Schiller Park, IL. We have already used many of the little things that were missing in our shop to speed up production and improve our designs. We read through your informational packets you sent in the email and we are spot on with all location placements. Lisa, Lancaster, Wisconsin

* * * * *

The two days of training that we received was well worth the time and money paid! As beginners, we learned so much from your class. The hands on experience was by far the best training we could have asked for. I would highly recommend this class to new screenprinters. Both Terry and Atlas were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Lynda

* * * * *

I attended Terry’s 2-day screen printing class in Arizona. I think the class was just about perfect. Terry has a great deal of knowledge and experience, and he has a great classroom demeanor, making the class both fun and informative. I started with virtually no knowledge of the screen printing process. By the end of the weekend, I had a solid understanding of all aspects of the printing process, and a great deal of insight into what it takes to run a successful printing business. This is exactly what I needed; I have been teetering on the edge of starting a t-shirt business for a couple years, and I finally have the confidence to move forward! Chris, Felton, Calif.

* * * * *

Your class was very informative and fun to attend. Thank You so much for sharing your knowledge with us and giving us several pointers, ranging from knowing which software packages are useful, to burning multi-color images, to showing us when its necessary to flash cure, to telling us the desired temperature of final curing, as well as, giving us tips on marketing stragedies and providing us with guide books and recommending materials for future references. I would highly recommend your class!!! Sincerely, Lori

* * * * *

The training we received gave us the knowledge to network with suppliers to be able to set up our shop. We also have the confidence to start taking orders and working on art before our equipment arrives. The cost of training was minimal compared to amount of scrap we would have created without proper training. Now we know what to do, how to do it and who to call if we need help. Thank you, David & Anita

* * * * *

I can’t thank you enough. I have tried to print shirts going by pro video’s and online instruction for six months. I wanted to create designs to take to local street fairs. I wasted a lot of money on supplies and was about to give up not understanding why I just couldn’t get it right. Right after your class I started working on two fresh designs one for a black shirt and one for a white, both a two-color spot job. One week after your class I printed both designs flawlessly. I now know what I was doing wrong and now I can screen print. Your class filtered out the bad info and gave me the hands on to do it right.

10 Responses to Class Testimonials

  1. Jeff Burris says:

    We are a graphics company that has never done screen printing, we sent 6 of our staff to Terry’s class. We were on the fence about getting into screen printing in a big way and after class we as a staff all got excited abut jumping in the deep end and making a full commitment to add screen printing to our business model. We are going to jump in head first because of what we learned in Terry’s class. Best time we ever spent. Thanks Terry.
    Jeff , Mesa, AZ

  2. Keziah Thompson says:

    This class was amazing!! As someone who is new to screen printing Terry and the instructors where extremely helpful and answered every question I had. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who is getting into screen print!!

  3. Sherry Rolfes says:

    Terry, this class was completely amazing….you and the staff at Atlas were great… I have been screen printing for about 3 years and everyone was so amazing at helping me through all our stressful problems that we have been having. I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is in screen printing, just starting out or even thinking about getting into it….Thank you all for a great time teaching us all that you know and making the class fun!!

  4. Thank you again for such an amazing class yesterday! This was the first class that I actually came away with some great actionable information.  I ve been to so many classes and seminars that was just a waste of time and money. But after yesterday, I walked away informed and truly inspired.

  5. Doug Chase says:

    This class was fantastic! I had a lot of fun and learned a lot too. Terry answered all of my questions and even followed up with me with a few guides that would help my business. I learned about, inks, emulsion, screens and equipment. There are so many tips and tricks in this class from nailing down your registration to clean up. I walked away from this class with what I need to run a successful shop. I would recommend it to anyone. Even in August in Arizona.

  6. Bobby Bishop says:

    I have to say that after much hesitation of wanting to start a Screen Printing Business I decided to take Terry’s course and see if this was the path I wanted to go. Let me say that this class went way beyond expectations. Terry’s vast knowledge and ability to explain and teach not only the Business aspect but the actual hands on skills to start a Business with the confidence to succeed. Add that to the expertise of the Atlas Staff and their knowledge to explain the production process from start to finish and make it very understandable. They were able to give me the information on what equipment to have in order to start my venture. Thanks Terry and Atlas !!

  7. Adrian Alan Pushetonequa says:

    Terry, attended the Screen Printing Business course in Chicago. Having no knowledge of where to start, I found your 2-day course provided me with the information and hands-on experience to begin using my artistic background into the next phase of my life. Thanks for the opportunity@

  8. Jogenna McDonald says:

    Took the Screen Printing Business course in Nashville TN this weekend and it was awesome! Terry was very informative and the Atlas guys were great help also! I look forward to doing business with them in the near future. I would highly recommend this class if your in the business or want to add it to your business.

  9. I have been teaching graphic design and screen printing to high schooler for a few years and this class is exactly what I needed to bring my skills and teaching practice up to date. Invaluable information, hands-on screen printing techniques, and Ah Ha! moments occurred through out the weekend. Terry, thank you for helping me improve as a teacher. I will be recommending this workshop to all who will listen.

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