CLASS Chicago

Terry Combs’ Complete Screen Printing Business Course
Atlas Screen Supply Facility – Chicago, Illinois
April 22-23


Terry Combs offers the ultimate screen printing business course. With 40+ years experience in the screen printing trenches, printing hundreds of thousands of shirts, training thousands of students, this is the one and only class to offer you the definitive “start a screen printing business” package. Presented in a variety of locations across the U.S., this is absolutely the premiere training event anywhere in the world!!!

“Want to start a T-Shirt business? This is absolutely the course for you.”

This two day hands on screen printing class will start from the very beginning “what is a screen” and end with you pulling the squeegee and printing a full color simulated process image on a black T-shirt. You will degrease and coat a screen, participate in setting up a multi-color job, learn about transfers, learn about specialty inks, art preparation and much, much more. To round out your educational experience, we’ll cover subjects including: starting a business, promoting your venture, finding customers, and day-to-day business operations. Lots of information, but presented in a fun, conversational, interactive learning environment.

“When you leave this class, you’ll be ready to start your business!”

The Complete Screen Printing Business Course is for anyone who imagines becoming a professional and profitable garment screen printer. Whether working from your two-car garage or from your brand new storefront on Main Street, this class is your complete business startup course

When you leave this class, you will have the skills and information you need to go home and actually open the doors of your own printed apparel business. And you’ll be armed with all those tips, tricks and hard earned secrets that come from our years of screen printing experience.

“Already in the business but ‘Am I doing this right??’ This is your class.”

To sign up for the Chicago event, go to Atlas Screen Supply

Class fee – $445.00 for the first student

Additional students – $245.00 for each additional student from the same company

Future dates in 2023: June 10-11, August 26-27, November 4-5

The Complete Screen Printing Business Course is presented by Terry Combs (, and a variety of sponsors at our class locations across the U.S.

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