Using Refillable Cartridges with a Small Format Epson

The printer of choice today for outputting film positives is an Epson small format device such as the 1430. The only drawback is the standard 18ml cartridge. Refillable cartridges are the best option to save substantial dollars on ink.

With most RIP software, you can use one ink slot with black, or all the ink slots. If you opt for one black ink slot, cleaning solution can be placed in the other refillable cartridges. You need either ink or cleaning solution in every cartridge for the printer to function properly.

Sometimes the printer does not recognize these third party refillable cartridges. Flashing lights and error codes will warn you. On larger format printers, you would use a chip resetter on the unrecognized cartridge to fool the printer into thinking a new cartridge has been inserted. Not necessary on a small format Epson printer.

If the printer gives you an ink warning code along with flashing lights, you will generally only need to turn the printer off and back on to reset all the cartridge chips. If the warnings persist (not common), follow these steps:

1) With the printer turned ON, remove all cartridges.
2) Turn the printer OFF for 5 minutes.
3) Turn the printer back ON and then reload the cartridges.
4) Your printer should then reset properly.

There are two rubber stoppers in each cartridge, one covering the ink fill hole, and the other covering the breather hole. Generally, this breather hole stopper will be larger and in assorted colors. The breather hole stopper should be removed and left out of the cartridge during printing so that the ink will flow freely to the print head.

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3 Responses to Using Refillable Cartridges with a Small Format Epson

  1. Sue says:

    Very good and useful article. I have faced that ink warning problems when i installed the remanufactured ink for the very fast time for my printer. I had to contact to the supplier myprinterink . They gave me the almost the same instruction to keep hold of the power button for 5/8 seconds to reset the printer. Since then it worked fine. Little hassle when we dont know how to sort the porblem but saves a lot of money for ink.

  2. myprinterink says:

    Thank you very useful trick for new cartridge.

  3. Emily says:

    I have a problem:

    I’m working at a shop that outputs quite a few films per day and we have issues with streaking and fuzzy edges on our films. areas where it should have 100% black are getting streaking, and hard edges will not be crisp, but fuzzy looking instead as if the heads are dragging.

    We use an Epson 7800 and Accurip with InstaDry Dye based ink and “Onefilm” from Davis International. All of the ink cartridges are filled with black.

    We have updated drivers and software, clean the heads at least once a week, and every 5 films or so we have to run an automatic cleaning process. We do droplet weight tests as well and try laying down more ink or less and nothing works

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